Dear Phillippa Paviour-Smith

The text you sent to us (copied below) was abusive, disrespectful, and uncalled for. You walked into our cafe demanding that we pay an ex-staff member when you had no idea of the details of what had happened. You then caused a huge scene in front of a café full of our loyal customers. You only listened to one side of an upset girl’s story, without knowing the full truth, and you wouldn’t listen to us.

What we were trying to tell you when you wouldn't listen was:

Employee A had worked for us for several months. We liked Employee A, she was a trusted member of staff and was treated very well. She was entrusted with a key to the premises. We had no problems with Employee A.

Employee A's contract provided for a standard 4 week notice period. When Employee A resigned she asked that she be given flexibility in her last 4 weeks, which we gave her. She also asked that she worked no weekends because she had other money-making opportunities, which we agreed to as much as we possibly could. 

When the last days of her notice came up we requested that our key and uniform be returned. Employee A promised that they would be returned. It then came close to Employee A's final pay and we said that she needs to return the property before payday or some funds will be withheld. 

Employee A again promised that the property would be returned before the Wednesday when we had to put the pays through. She again did not return our property.

On Wednesday the pays went through. Employee A was paid the bulk of her pay and we retained only 5 hours pay to cover the cost of the property. Their is a clause in Employee A's contract that spells out that exact scenario, which we re-informed her of.

The next day, after payday, Employee A returned the property she had not previously returned. 

The following payday, today, we paid the outstanding 5 hours.

Do not walk into our cafe and tell us to pay our staff and treat them better when you know none of the details. I’ve sent you the details re the Facebook incident, which no one knew the details of either - because it was better to let it die than for us to fight it in the media. 

We had had so many staff leave with no notice, quit with no notice, walk out in the middle of a shift and quit for no reason, travellers who can’t be bothered turning up to work, staff calling in sick in the middle of the night, and Kathy and I are working 80 hour weeks to keep things running. We are absolutely sick to death of it.

We have loaned staff money that has not been repaid. We have covered staff when they don’t show up and still give them another chance. We have lost $500 in uniforms and another $500 in keys and lock replacements, we have lost another $500 in money going missing from the safe. 

We donate to the church through the cafe, we donate to the locals school, and we donate to the Wadestown fair. We do everything we can for the Wadestown community.

Do not come into our cafe and tell us to treat our staff better. We treat them exceptionally well! Do not call us a 'bloody arrogant wanker', of course we are not going to respond well to you when you do that to us. 

If you do not want to come to the cafe anymore we will send your final customer account invoice tonight.

To stop any incorrect gossip, we will also post this response to you on our website.

Kind regards



From: Phillipa Paviour-Smith
To: Wadestown Kitchen
Date: 09/05/2018

FYI - [Manager A} has really done it now - talking to me the way he did - bloody arrogant wanker! Isn't the customer always right - I gave him some helpful advice that in the best interests of the cafe in the community he should pay [Employee A] her final pay because everyone is talking about it ! All the locals and regulars etc - I told him for the benefit of your business - not because I wanted to be yelled at - he should learn to shut his trap keep the high ground and be respectful - that will go a lot further than abusing one of his better customers !